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Robotics Elective

Robotics is an elective available to all grade levels (6th, 7th, and 8th) at Lindbergh during zero period.  Mr. Martens is the instructor.  

  • Students will learn basic design process and how engineers use it.
  • Students will learn basic mechanical systems that will allow them to accomplish certain goals.  Students will make decisions to use appropriate gearings combined with lifting mechanisms to complete an assignment.  
  • Students will also learn about fundamental engineering concepts in flight and bridge designs, and they will be able to build models of their ideas.
  • Students will take part in friendly classroom competitions providing them the motivation and confidence to perform well.
  • In addition, students have an opportunity to be part of a successful robotics team that is involved in local competitions such as the VEX Tournament and LBUSD’s annual Robo-Bowl.
  • Throughout the year, students will learn to work with others in groups to complete projects, teaching them the skills involved and the effects of successful collaboration.

For the 2014-15 School Year, our Lindbergh Robotics Teams came in 7th and 8th at the VEX Tournament at CAMS.  That is higher than any other Middle School in LBUSD.  Lindbergh has had great success in the Robo-Bowl, including 3 First Place Finishes in a row.  We are proud of our Robotics program and look forward to seeing what it can become in the future.



2015 RoboBowl - Robotics Competition

The 2015 RoboBowl, is a Robotics Competition, which took place at McBride High School on April 25, 2015.  Our very own Lindbergh STEM Academy Robotics Teams were awarded first and second place, competing against Stanford, Bancroft, Lindsey, Tincher, Hill, Jefferson, Hamilton, Marshall, Hughes, Henry, Robinson, Washington and Powell.

Our First place team, scored 262 points, Second scored 226 and the next nearest school was 140 points for Third place.  These students are dedicated and determined in their robotics studies, attending zero period robotics class, and spending any extra time they have during the day researching and working on their robots.  A special thank you to Mr. Dizon and Mr. Martens for leading this exemplary team of competitors.

Watch video taken at the competition on our YouTube Channel.

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