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Emergency Procedures


Signal: Continuous Long Bell


Drop, Cover and Hold

This drill prepares students for what to do if an earthquake should occur during school time. Students are to do the following until the earth stops shaking, and it is safe to evacuate the building.

Please Share This Information With Your Students

1.   An administrator/teacher will announce that a Drop, Cover Hold Drill will begin.

2.   The administrator/teacher will announce that you do not need to leave the classroom for this drill.

3.   At the administrator/teacher's command, all students will drop under their desks.

4.   All students will drop under the desk, hold the desk and remain under the desk until told to return to the seated position by the administrator.

5.   Teachers should monitor students to be sure all students are under his/her desk.

6.   The administrator/teacher will tell the students to return to their seats.

7.   The administrator/teacher will remind students of the need to follow this procedure whenever there is an earthquake and to remain in the duck hold position until they are told to evacuate the building.


Earthquake Evacuations Instructions

 In the event of an Earthquake begin following instructions here:

In a REAL earthquake, the fire alarms MAY go off or there may be no bell at all. In order to alert staff and students of an earthquake drill, an administrator will announce that an earthquake drill is now in progress.

The administrator/teacher will lead everyone in a drop drill.

The administrator will announce the school signal to EVACUATE shall be a series of bells, (3) three short rings, followed by a (2) two-second pause (repeated several times).

At this signal, teachers direct students in an orderly departure from the room to the field. Students will report to their 1st period class (Room numbers are posted along the fence) via the assigned evacuation route. In all cases, select the safest route, not just the assigned route.

One teacher near each building exit will inspect the exit to see if it is a safe evacuation route. If it is not, the teacher directs the classes to alternate routes.

The teacher picks up the red emergency folder with Room I.D. Card (located in their classroom), insures that all students have evacuated, checks with the ‘Buddy” (verify their safety), and directs assistance for “walking injured” out to the Assembly Area. Leave doors wide open.

Upon arrival to 1st period class area, the teacher will take attendance. A runner from each class will bring the attendance accountability form to the designated staff member on the field.

All staff will remain at their emergency duty station while written reports are completed and forwarded to the OPERATIONS LEADER.

Students will report to their class only when the clear signal is given (one long bell)

Please Note:

The students need to leave the buildings in an orderly fashion and in line.

Students should leave their belongings in the classroom.

Students should line up in the hallway next to the lockers and remain there quietly until the teacher is ready to leave.

The teacher should lead the students in a line quietly out of the building.

The teacher should lead the students in a line quietly all the way to Assembly Area.

Both doors should be wide open.

Please be sure the students understand the importance of getting in line, staying in line and walking out to the Assembly Area as quietly as possible.

Please take a few moments to remind students that both the real thing and a drill should be taken with the same seriousness no matter how many times they occur.