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Internet Resources

Recommended Student-Directed Technology for the Classroom

Students should log onto all accounts using their district Google email address.


Site - click name for link Type of Activity Device
Google CS First - See this page on the right side. Learn how to code using written and verbal directions - need headphones.   Use Mrs. Becker's Clubs or teachers can create their own for students to join. All
Scratch Teachers can create classrooms - Learn how to code using written directions and by looking/remixing others' work. Desktop or Chromebook
Hopscotch Learn to code using Scratch format on iPads. iPad App Teachers can create classrooms, or students can just explore.  Problem-solving and learning to code using verbal and written instructions. All
Khan Academy Math, English and Science lessons assigned by teacher or students can search.  Can also link to SAT Preparation for free through the district, under PSAT. All - Don't use iPad App - use browser
NewsELA Teachers can create classrooms and assign articles, or students can browse through non-fiction news articles about current events. All A writing program to help with grammar and writing skills.  Teachers can create a classroom or students can work on what they would like to. All
Duolingo A program to help learn another language.  All - App on iPad, browser on all others
Swift Playground App on iPads - learning to code by following examples and written instructions App on iPad


STEM Activities

History Websites for Students