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School Wide Discipline

School Wide Discipline

Purpose: Having a consistently enforced discipline policy helps all students to be treated fairly and to be safe at school. 

Progressive Discipline System: Lindbergh uses a Progressive Discipline System which gives students multiple opportunities to correct their behavior by beginning with a simple reminder or short detention (unless the incident is of a very serious nature).  When this does not resolve the problem, each additional incident will result in a more serious consequence.  After the initial reminder/short detention, parents will be notified of each step in the process.

Student Points: All students begin the quarter with 10 points.  Students will lose points for 45 minute detentions and suspensions (see below).  Students with fewer than 8 points may not participate in dances, activities, fairs, field trips, and graduation activities.  Points are reset to 10 each quarter.

General steps to be followed in the Progressive Discipline System (exceptions will be made in the event of more serious incidents):

  1. Teacher detention and/or lunch detention
  2. Community service such as picking up trash on the schoolyard (when appropriate)
  3. 45 minute After School Detention (held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) - loss of 1 point
  4. Suspensions - loss of 2 points
  • OCS (On Campus Suspension)
  • Truancy Center
  • Home Suspension
  • Parent attends class with student (when appropriate)

Behaviors that Lead to Suspension

  • Defiance/disrespect
  • Leaving class/school without permission
  • Theft of personal/school property
  • Fighting
  • Gossip/rumor spreading
  • Vandalism/tagging (for example: restrooms)
  • Gang affiliation/gang-like activity
  • Detention: Ditching, poor behavior, etc.
  • Drugs/alcohol and other intoxicants
  • Possession of weapon
  • Truancy/Loitering (restrooms, etc)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault/battery (for example: "pantsing" during PE, unwanted touching)
  • Intimidation/threats/harassment
  • Continual uniform/school ID defiance