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STEM Speaker's Bureau

Give Back to the Community, Speak at Our School!

Lindbergh STEM Academy would like YOU to speak to our students.  We have STEM, Meet the Experts Days throughout the year, where community members who are employed in STEM Professions speak to our students. 

The students enjoy learning about STEM Careers and participating in hands-on STEM activities.  If you are interested in speaking at our school, please complete the form, found here.  When we have our STEM Days, we will contact you to see if you are available.  Thank you for your interest in Lindbergh STEM Academy!

STEM - Meet the Experts Day - From the Students

Thank you to our speakers from Boeing (Lydia, Daniel, Vaibhav, Christine, Mina, Ken, Jay and Philbert),  Harmony Gates, Kyle Kloosterman, Tracie Parker, Matthew Dwight and Uduak Ntuk - as you can see below, you have really inspired our students.  Keep up the great work!

Our Students were encouraged to write Thank You notes to our speakers from STEM Day.  Here are some highlights of what they had to say:

Written by "B" - I really am thankful for them, they presented to us and now I am really looking into college. Because I knew even before the presentation that college can be something that can change your life forever and they proved that. I always thought that engineers were people who made electronics but now I see that they are much more than that. I now know what an engineer truly is.

Written by "A" - I really enjoyed the time you spend here with Lindbergh STEM Academy it really was cool how you showed actual pictures of you working as an engineer . I am very thankful for your presentation, it made me want to maybe be an engineer someday as a career. You made engineering look and sound more fun than it already seems to be. I learned a lot about what chemical engineers do. I never knew that there we're people who worked so hard to help protect our environment.Thank you very much for sharing with us.

Written by "E" - I really liked you presentation and I am thankful for you taking time off your job to come. I thought the way you see how much bacteria is in water was kind of cool. It seemed fun to go out in boats and collect water samples. And those pictures that you showed us actually gave me ideas on how working as a chemical engineer is like. Well, thank you for coming and showing us how life as a chemical engineer is.

Written by "C" - Thank for taking some of your time to talk to us about STEM. Engineering seems more cooler than I thought it was.I didn't knew there were different types of engineering. I knew so little about engineering before I stepped in the library. Now I know that engineers change the world.

Written by "H" - I liked seeing your presentation last Thursday. I want to do computation work some day because I like the idea of storing data to share with other people. I hope I can attend UC Irvine or Caltech to learn the same things you did. And your presentation inspired me to learn more about air and water pollution. I want to try to become a chemical engineer like you now. Thank you for coming to our school to present the hard and impressive work you do. And I liked seeing the photos of what you do in work.