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Student Resources

Login Help

Here are some reminders of our login conventions for the various sites that you use each day.  If these don't work, contact Mrs. Becker for help.  (I am going to call your Student ID Number, "SID" below)


School Loop:  Student Setup the Username and Password.  If Mrs. Becker reset your password, it would have been your Student ID Number.


StudentVUE:  Login:  SID,    Password:  6-Digit Birthday


Google Drive:  Login:,  Password:  6-Digit Birthday


Your Student Portal:  Go to, and login to student portal with your SID and 6-Digit Birthday


Your School Email:  Login:,  Password:  6-Digit Birthday - you can login to your Student Portal to get access to your email.


Khan Academy:  Use your Google Account to login.  Account will be different from last year's


Math Textbook:  Go through Student Portal - login with your SID and 6-Digit Birthday, teacher must setup account first.


College Board:Go through Khan Academy or through and link the two accounts.  Login is your Student Email (above) and the Password is LB or lb in front of your SID.


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