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Uniform Policy

Lindbergh Middle School Policy

Dress Code - The uniform for Lindbergh consists of:

  • Shirts/blouses - White light (baby) blue or navy blue with a collar.  Must have sleeves (no tank tops or sleeveless blouses).
  • Pants, shorts, or skirts - Khaki only.  Pants must fit at the waist and not sag, be baggy, or skintight (no sweatpants).  Skirts and shorts must be an appropriate length (no shorts shorts or short skirts)
  • Sweatshirts - White or navy blue only.  Hoods may not be worn on the head.
  • Closed footwear that covers the entire foot must be worn for safety reasons.  Open sandals, high-heeled shoes, slipper-type shoes, and flip-flops are hazardous on the school grounds and are not appropriate for school.

Student ID

Picture ID must be on and visible at all times; including to and from school.


Long Beach Unified School District Policy

In addition to the student uniform required by each school, the following district dress standards have been established to insure that the instructional program of the school may operate fully and effectively for all students, free of interference and distraction and without hazard or threat to students' health, safety and general welfare. The Long Beach Unified School District requires that:

1. Students attending school must be clean. Clothing worn to school must be neat and clean. It must fit. Oversized, baggy or saggy clothing is prohibited.

2. Closed footwear that covers the entire foot must be worn for safety reasons. Open sandals, high heeled shoes, slipper-type shoes and thongs are hazardous on the school playground and are not appropriate for school.

3. Also prohibited are jewelry items that may potentially cause injury, sunglasses (exceptions include medical reasons), and other decorations, ornaments and accessories not appropriate for elementary or middle school.

4. All blouses and shirts should be properly buttoned.

5. Appropriate undergarments that provide proper cover shall be worn.

6. Hair must be clean and show evidence of having been neatly groomed for school. Metal hair combs or other grooming products that may be considered hazardous may not be brought to school.

7. School sites have the responsibility to identify and restrict attire that may lead to unsafe conditions. If it is determined that particular clothing is gang related, the school site may prohibit students from wearing the identified attire.

8. Each school site will notify parents of the specific school uniform requirements of the school. Information regarding exemptions is available from the school.

Sun Protection—35183.5(b). Each school shall allow students to use sun-protective clothing, including, but not limited to, hats and sunglasses when outdoors. Specific clothing and hats determined by the school district or school to be gang-related or inappropriate apparel may be prohibited by the dress code policy. Each school shall allow pupils the use of sunscreen during the school day without a physician's note or prescription. Each school site may set a policy related to the to the type of sun-protective clothing and the use of sunscreen by pupils during the school day. Sunscreen is not considered an over-the-counter medication. School personnel are not required to assist pupils in applying sunscreen. The State of California has determined that "A pupil who goes to school without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness or neatness of dress, may be sent home to be properly prepared for school, or shall be required to prepare himself/herself for the classroom before entering." (California Administrative Code, Title V, Section 302) 1994. The district requires all students in kindergarten through grade 8 to wear a school uniform as identified by the student’s school. In cases of economic hardship, help in obtaining uniforms is available. You may obtain an exemption from the uniform requirement. For more information call your child’s school. If there are any problems, call Karen Hilburn at 997-8000, ext. 8038. If you are unable to resolve your concerns, you may obtain a Parent/Guardian Complaint form at your child’s school.

Nothing in these dress standards precludes the school from establishing and requiring more stringent uniform or dress requirements.

Please Note: For further information, access the LBUSD website at

School Uniforms Required (Grades K-8)


On January 18, 1994, the Board of Education unanimously approved mandatory school uniforms for kindergarten through grade 8. Each elementary and middle school in the Long Beach Unified School District then adopted its own required school uniform. A complete description of the student uniform for each school is available from the school. Uniform assistance is available to economically disadvantaged students. Information is available from the school principal or designee. A parent who wishes to exempt a child from the uniform requirement shall request from the school by mail or in person an application for exemption. The completed application shall be submitted to the designated administrator for uniform program exemption at the school. To make certain the parent understands the reasons for the uniform policy and to verify information on the application, the parent shall meet with the designated administrator to discuss the uniform policy and the nature of the objections. The parent shall also meet with a designated district administrator to discuss the nature of the objections.


School Dress Standards